Bluetooth & USB 3A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

Can devices other than Bluetooth ones be affected by USB 3 interference?

Yes it is possible for the signal from your house / office WiFi router to be affected. If you notice degraded performance of your WiFi reception and internet speed when using certain USB 3 devices it may be that the USB device is the cause of the problem. Infrared and NFC (near field communication) cannot be affected by the USB 3 interference as they operate on totally different radio frequencies.

General solutions
As recommended elsewhere on this website, the simplest option is to extend the distance of your USB 3 device from the computer.

If you have a fairly new WiFi router / repeater that supports 5.0Ghz transmission an almost guaranteed solution is to disable 2.4 Ghz support and force your devices to communicate on the 5.0 Ghz band.

Solutions just for Desktop computers

Solutions include further distancing your WiFi receiver (if you use a device with a movable cable antenna cable) or increasing the actual size of your WiFi card antennas by purchasing new extended antennas.

Solutions just for laptops

In the case of a laptop try moving the computer closer to your WiFi broadcasting device.