Bluetooth & USB 3A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

How do I replace the Bluetooth adapter in my laptop / netbook computer?

There are one or two ways you can upgrade the Bluetooth revision supported by your computer.


The really easy option

Our first suggestion is to simply purchase a USB Bluetooth Adapter that complies with the latest standards. If you do this you may also want to follow our guide on how to disable your existing adapter. This means that you won't have to open your laptop or pay someone else to do so.




I want to replace the actual Bluetooth hardware inside my laptop

There may be a possibility that the existing Bluetooth hardware inside your laptop can be upgraded with a new internal Bluetooth card. If you've never taken a screwdriver to a laptop before now is probably not the best time to try so you will want to talk to your retailer or a 3rd party repair service about such a possibility.


If you know what you are doing and are not going to invalidate any warranty your laptop has by opening it then you will need to first determine if your laptop uses a MiniPCI or MiniPCI Express expansion card to hold the Bluetooth chipset hardware or if it is contained within the main motherboard. If the laptop does use an expansion card of the kinds listed it should be possible that you can swap this component with one of the same connection type. For reference, this is what a Mini PCI card looks like, and this is what the Mini PCI Express card looks like.


Be aware that if your laptop is using a MiniPCI or MiniPCI Express card that this card may also contain a WiFi chipset to let your laptop connect to wireless networks. If so make sure your replacement card is a similar combo card.

We are unable to give any more specific details about this task and if you are at all unsure do not follow it and consult your laptop manufacturer or a qualified 3rd party.