Bluetooth & USB 3A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

How to determine Bluetooth support by the age of your equipment

Bluetooth has evolved constantly over time and although all versions of the technology use the same 2.4GHz radio frequency (and are therefore all susceptible to the Bluetooth+USB3 problem) the signal strength and intelligence of the error correction has advanced considerably to try and improve device performance and reliability.

To give you a rough idea, below are the versions of Bluetooth and the year they were introduced. There is no guarantee that just because you know you purchased your hardware after a certain year that it will confirm with that version of the Bluetooth standard, however it might just back up what you already understand about your device compatibility.

1999/2000 - Bluetooth v1.0 & 1.0a
2000 - Bluetooth v1.0b

2001 - Bluetooth v1.1
2003 - Bluetooth v1.2
2004 - Bluetooth v2.0
2007 - Bluetooth v2.1
2009 - Bluetooth v3.0 + HS
2010 - Bluetooth v4.0
2014 - Bluetooth v4.1
2014 - Bluetooth v4.2
2016 - Bluetooth v5

Source: Inside Bluetooth Low Energy By Naresh Gupta

Is your computer AND devices are all using at least v3.0 ?

Great, Bluetooth became a lot more robust at this version. If not then it really may be a good idea to consider upgrading your hardware so that it is all using the same recent revision of the Bluetooth standard. For example, if your adapter is already using 4.0 but just a single problematic device is using v2 of the standard then maybe it's time to upgrade that device.

If on the other hand you have some brand new Bluetooth devices that support the latest 4.0 / 4.1 standard yet your actual computers Bluetooth adapter is only supporting up to v2 then trying to upgrade the computers actual Bluetooth adapter may be a good idea.


What's the easiest way to replace / upgrade my computer's Bluetooth support?

Buying a USB Bluetooth adapter that you can quickly plug-in to your computer and then disabling the internal Bluetooth support is the quickest way to get up and running.


Other options: how do I replace the Bluetooth adapter in my desktop computer?

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Other options: how do I replace the Bluetooth adapter in my laptop?

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