Bluetooth & USB 3A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

What to do if you can't recreate the problem

A variety of things could be going on here. Double check the following points in case something was missed...

  • If you have multiple USB 3 devices it's possible that the problem with your Bluetooth devices is only occurring when a specific combination of the USB 3 devices is plugged in or when all of them are plugged in together. So if you haven't already tried plugging in everything together do give that a go.
  • Check that you don't have some other USB 3 compatible device hidden away that you only use very occasionally with your computer. Maybe it's this that is the cause of the interference. Remember, anything could in theory have USB 3 support, however small and insignificant such as a tiny USB flash drive.
  • Even if you do have USB 3 ports and USB 3 devices there is a chance that your interference problem is being caused by something else other than USB 3 conflicting with Bluetooth. If your computer uses any legacy wireless devices make sure you plug them in. Also if you have any other home wireless equipment that is sometimes turned on or near by your computer make sure that is also running. This could be anything from wireless audio video equipment to a hands free internal house telephone. Any such device close to your Bluetooth devices could be reducing it's ability to communicate with the Bluetooth receiver in your computer.