Bluetooth & USB 3A guide to resolving your Bluetooth woes

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As already mentioned, separation of the Bluetooth adapter from your USB 3 ports and devices is the single best way to reduce the Bluetooth+USB3 problem. If you are positive that you have done this and followed all the steps given previously to extend the distance as much as possible between the problem USB 3 device and your Bluetooth adapter then its time to try some of our final tips as outlined below.

Try other hardware as much as possible
If you haven’t replaced your USB Bluetooth Adapter or problem device try to borrow one from someone else just to check in case you have one with a particularly weak transmission/reception strength.


Some shops and on-line retailers have great returns policies so it may be possible to try a new adapter or Bluetooth device and then return easily for a refund or exchange should it not help. Do check with them first before attempting this!

Be sure you really need USB 3
If you are only occasionally using USB 3 devices it’s worth just checking if they still perform well enough if plugged into a USB 2.0 socket on the same computer.

If you are using devices such as scanners, printers or USB flash drives its unlikely you are gaining much performance by running at USB 3 over USB 2.0. As soon as a USB 3 compatible device is plugged into a USB 2.0 socket it won’t be operating at the same frequencies and causing the same interference so you may find that your Bluetooth problems suddenly disappear.

Did you miss something?

Check out our ever growing list of Frequently Asked Questions just in case you missed something relevant.

Time to call in the experts
If you are Bluetooth adapter/device is in warranty definitely call the manufacturer to see if they can assist you in better protecting the product from the USB 3 interference.

If this doesn’t help it sounds like your going to need to get a local expert to inspect your computer. We can’t recommend anyone to you but if you end up solving your problem we would love to know.

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